Dark conscience.

N-am mai scris de mult, desi sunt putini ce vor citi pe blog, voi posta o noua creatie. Am incercat ceva nou, din moment ce ma descurc bine cu engleza( asa cred ) am incercat sa fac o poezie in dialectul englezesc. Este foarte probabil ca greselile gramaticale sa fie prezente, insa nu am cerut parerea nimanui, asa cum „mi-a venit” asa am scris.  Poezia exprima oarecum sentimentele ce mi-au cladit existenta in ultima perioada, desi nu am aratat-o , poezia este o parte din mine. Sper sa intelegeti si sper sa va placa.

As I walk through the darkness of the night

I keep turning my head

I know what I’ve done isn’t right

Can’t believe he is dead.


He is hauntig my fucking dreams

I keep hearing his screamings

Seeing his face in the mirror

Seeing life more clearer.


Enjoying the loneliness of my life

My faith is a game of dice

Everything is in black and white

I’m not longer willing to fight.


I write my last words on a piece of paper

Sign it and leave it on the table

I take the gun and put it in my mouth

Pull the trigger as I hear his last shout.